Who We Are

WAC is a growing team of practitioners and professionals in the emergency management and homeland security enterprise looking to build smart and effective outcomes that save lives, protect property, and build future resilience.

Our Leadership Team

Our Founder and Managing Partner is Courtney Wilson, MBA. Courtney supported PA recovery efforts after Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana before moving to New York to support the recovery to Hurricane Sandy. She also spent over a decade working as a Director at Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Her primary responsibility was to manage a staff of approximately 250 line employees who were low to moderate income hires doing customer-facing jobs such as information desks, kitchen staff, and administrative staff. During this period, Courtney developed a passion for helping talented staff grow and advance in a large organization. She has taken this passion and converted it to a HUD Section 3 consulting firm where we specialize in hiring entry-level staff and training them, by pairing them with seasoned professionals, to succeed in the unique environment of emergency management and disaster recovery.

WAC’s other Principal is Krause Wilson, a highly experienced government contractor with a broad background over the last 25 years in project management, disaster planning, response, recovery, GIS, and risk management. Krause previously worked for a global emergency management firm, starting as a statistical analyst leading modeling and simulation work to managing GIS, software development, and exercise groups. Krause, over the course of his 17-year career there, became the Director of Response and Recovery, where he led support to over a dozen Presidentially Declared Disasters including the historic 2004 hurricane season in Florida (Charley, Francis, Ivan, and Jeanne), Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Gustav in the Gulf Coast region, and finally Sandy in New York.