WAC provides technical expertise with proven program management credentials. We offer not just the ability to support, evaluate, or build efficient organizations and processes, but the subject matter expertise to make them effective in changing outcomes and understanding the bandwidth and availability of stakeholders varies. We believe in holistic preparedness, integrating mission areas and functional tasks across a jurisdiction or region to show the entirety of its requirements and to build trust and relationship between the entities playing a role in its success. We’ve grouped our service areas into Comprehensive Preparedness, Disaster Response and Recovery Operations, and Management Consulting.

Comprehensive Preparedness

WAC believes that preparedness is a part of all five missions areas: prevention, protection, mitigation, response, and recovery. Each of these has a blue-sky component to ensuring that plans, organization, equipment, training, and exercise occur to test and validate the capabilities within an organization or jurisdiction. The accompanying programmatic elements of identifying funding, tracking progress and reporting, and creating value and interoperability are all important to success as well. Our preparedness approach also is grounded in realistic, defensible consequence data that leads stakeholders back to a quantitative and measurable basis, ensuring that the outputs are truly and realistically linked to the identified outcomes.

  • Strategic Program Development and Planning
  • Policy Support and Development
  • Grants Management
  • Risk Assessments and Threats and Hazards Identification and Risk Assessment (THIRA)
  • Planning for Disaster-Specific Scenarios, Functional Requirements, and General Emergency Operations
  • Exercises
  • Capability across prevention, protection, mitigation, response, and recovery

Disaster Response and Recovery Operations

  • Disaster Operations Staff Augmentation in the Operations Center or Field
  • Individual Assistance Preparedness and Operations
  • Public Assistance Preparedness and Operations
  • Community Development Block Grant – Disaster Recovery Administration and Technical Support
  • Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) Program Administration
  • Program Management
  • Funding Programs Application Development and Support
  • Case Management

Management Consulting

  • Program and Project Management
  • Needs Assessment and Capability Requirements Generation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Process Engineering and Improvement
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Working Group and Workshop Facilitation
  • Policy Support and Development
  • Programmatic and Administrative Staffing

Lead Paint Inspection Support

  • Providing Lead Paint Inspectors & Inspector Helpers for the New York City area
  • All positions are advertised and largely recruited as Section 3 hires
  • Wilson trains and provides experience for entry-level lead paint inspectors to help them achieve an above-median salary for NYC, raising Section 3 hires to be self-sufficient and marketable in a thriving environment & industry.


WAC has worked with stakeholders in the federal, state, local, commercial, and non-governmental organization markets. We look forward to the opportunity to help you be better prepared and respond and recovery more effectively. WAC is a certified, woman-owned, small business, and a Section 3 firm according to U.S. HUD requirements. WAC looks to work with and for clients who are focused on better preparing their organizations and communities for the risks they face and being more efficient in effective in responding to and recovering from those incidents that occur.